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Terms & Conditions

Risk Assessment

Prior to any work being undertaken Drone Aerial Footage will carry out a risk assessment. We will discuss with the client the results of the risk assessment where we feel the danger to cause injury to a person or persons is too high and this may result in a decision to not fly. In most cases we can work with the client to minimize such risks to enable the project to go ahead.

Drone Pilot

On the day of the flight the drone pilot is responsible for the final decision if it is safe to fly. The pilot will inform you of any such decision along with a full explanation. Where there is a decision made not to fly Drone Aerial Footage will not make any charge to the client.

Can Weather Affect Flying

Yes, the weather is one of our biggest challenges, we are unable to fly in high winds and rain. There might be other weather conditions which might prevent us from flying these will be taken into consideration when the drone pilot make their assessment to fly on the day. Where weather prevents us from flying, we will rearrange another date to undertake the project at no extra cost to the client.


Drone Aerial Footage are fully insured to undertake the service which we provide. Our policy can be viewed by any client prior to work being undertaken.

Civil Aviation Authority

Please be aware we always operate under the strict guidelines of the CAA. Further information can be found using the link below.